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Sealcoatlng is a preventative way to extend the life of your asphalt, it not only beautlfles your pavement but also helps to protect your investment.

The purpose of sealcaoting is to protect the asphalt from ultraviolet light, oxidation, water penetration & chemical attack such as oil or fuel leaked or spilled on your pavement.

When asphalt is properly maintained , such as crack filling & sealcoating it has been proven this preventative maintenance can nearly double the life of your pavement. The cost of sealing is pennies on the dollar versus the cost of asphalt replacement.

Sealer consists mainly of a mixture of emulsified asphalt, water, mineral fillers other various additives. A data sheet from our manufacturer is available upon request.


We exclusively use ACE Seal manufactured from Asphalt Coatings Engineering.

Application: We only apply our sealer with mechanical squeegee machines or we squeegee by hand. We never spray our sealer as we believe ln giving the customer what they are paying for, not a diluted version of the product.

Step 1
Thoroughly clean the surface with power blowers. In areas that have heavy deposits of soil we loosen the sediment with wire brooms as we run our power blowers. In severe cases we will bring in a street sweeper if necessary.
lf there is fresh oil damage in parking stalls we lightly burn or torch the contaminated area with propane torches. This will help dissipate the oil deposits. In severe cases asphalt should be replaced.

Step 2
Apply oil spot primer to contaminated stalls if we deem necessary.

Step 3
Apply the first coat of sealer with sand added to the first coat as needed. After the first coat has dried we then apply the second coat of sealer .lf the surface is extremely rough or severely cracked we will also add sand to the second coat if necessary.

Step 4
If required we re-stripe the parking lot as per before as specified in the contract.


Note: Traffic control is included on all of our projects.