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Asphalt: It is also commonly known as "Hot Mix Asphalt " ,pavement or blacktop. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates & hot asphalt cement that , when placed, compacted and subsequently cooled , becomes asphalt pavement.

Concrete: The common name for " Portland Cement Concrete Pavement ". A hard , compact building material formed when a mixture of cement , sand , gravel & water dries . Typically used for sidewalks, curbs , gutters , & areas associated with heavy vehicles such as garbage trucks or where any other heavy equipment is used.

Compaction: Consolidating soils or aggregates making them dense by rolling or vibrating .

Drainage: Adequate drainage of your asphalt pavement is critical to prolong the life of your asphalt investment. Poor drainage can cause potholes , cracking , surface deterioration & even safety hazards , or in severe cases complete failure of your asphalt.

Fog Sea: The process of spraying a highly diluted asphalt emulsion in a fine spray to an asphalt surface. Fog seals restores blackness & helps seal minor hairline cracks , helps to slow oxidation & raveling to asphalt pavement surfaces.

Grade: The degree to which a surface is angled to aid in the drainage of water, the process of leveling or sloping the subgrade or base layer prior to paving.

Overlay: An overlay, as its name implies, is simply adding additional asphalt ( usually 1.5" - 2 " thick ) placed over the top of an existing pavement surface .It is common to use a petromat fabric to help reduce reflective cracking from the original surface to reappear in the new overlay. With the proper installation this can extend the life of the pavement another 15 years with proper maintenance.

Pothole: A roadway / pavement failure resulting in a depression or hole.

Raveling: The gradual roughing of the asphalt surface. As fine particles " wash " away it leaves the pavement with coarse rocks exposed thus making the surface rough .

Reflective cracking: Reflecting cracking refers to cracks in an asphalt overlay caused by cracks in the original pavement " reflecting " up through the overlay. Specialized techniques & materials such as multi-membrane paving fabrics ( petromat ) , helps reduce this problem.

Subgrade: The soil prepared to support a structure or a pavement system. It is the foundation for the "pavement " structure.

Tack coat: Asphalt oil ,usually an emulsion type , applied to existing pavement during repairs or prior to overlay paving to create a bond between the old and new asphalt.

Tracking: The result of products or materials being "picked" up by car tires , shoes , shopping carts , etc. and being carried , " tracked " from the pavement into areas where the material is not desired.