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Also referred to as "R & R" (Remove & Replace)

This applications is used when the asphalts integrity has been compromised by various factors such as sub grade failure , severe potholes, alligator cracking or other defects that require full depth replacement. This repair method is intended to extend the life of your existing asphalt thus protecting your investment.

Step 1
Saw cut & excavate the failed pavement to the specified depth in the contract. Haul off debris to a local recycling facility.

Step 2
Re-compact existing sub grade or (sub-base) .

Step 3
Apply tack oil (SS-1) to all adjacent asphalt edges prior to the placement of new asphalt.

Step 4
Provide & place hot mix asphalt. Installation of the asphalt mix will be done in lifts, each lift will be done in 2" - 3" inch depth & compacted with a smooth drum roller.

Step 5
Thoroughly clean work area from any loose debris with power blowers.