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Asphalt can be compromised in many ways but water intrusion is one of the main contributors. A lot of damage can occur when water penetrates through cracks in Your asphalt surface. When not properly treated these cracks can grow in width & lead to more cracks. By filling these cracks & seal coating your asphalt every 3-5 years this will extend the life of your asphalt & protect your investment. We use a hot rubberized material for long term pavement protection.

lf untreated this can cause much deeper structural damage in the long run. Water will undermine your sub grade thus leading to low areas (sunken areas) which will retain water which in time will turn into a pothole. lf you address these cracks it will lessen your chances of costly repairs in the future.

Step 1
Thoroughly clean cracks with wire brooms & power blowers prior to application.

Step 2
Provide & place hot rubberized material to existing cracks as per contract.

Step 3
Broadcast #30 mesh silica sand on newly filled cracks in traffic areas.